Entrepreneurial education - Initiatives and Guidelines

This handbook represents the culmination of the work of the Erasmus+ project Teacher 2020. It offers a series of examples of projects of entrepreneurial education and an explanation of what made them successful. Also, includes reflections derived from the practical initiatives. Using
the tool to assess entrepreneurial initiatives and the global framework will help you understand the projects and support you in creating your own.

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Entrepreneurship education - enabling Teachers as a critical success factor

The report is a repository of information and good practice, for both policy makers and practitioners, on how to enable teachers to take on a new role in the classroom (as "facilitators" of learning), use innovative and entrepreneurial methods of teaching, help young people to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills.

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Understanding universities and entrepreneurship education

This article argues that entrepreneurship education has not yet fulfilled its potential
partly because of a poor fit with other knowledge activities of universities. It proposes that a future research agenda for universities’ entrepreneurship education should focus more upon how entrepreneurship activities fit with universities’ core knowledge
community activities. This would allow a coherent understanding to emerge of the potentials and limitations of universities’ contributions to the inculcation of entrepreneurial attitudes.

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Entrepreneurship education - a guide for educators and practitioners

This manual is written for practitioners and aims to showcase a selection of examples of inspiring practice featured through the two events to a wider audience. It highlights the enablers and the success factors of the examples, and provides contact details for more information.

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The fundamentals of making good decisions

“Decision” and “scissors” have the same root. By making a decision, we choose to cut off one alternative future to pursue another. Our decisions shape our lives. The purpose of making good—quality—decisions is to get more of what we truly want out of life. This booklet provides a foundation for understanding and teaching quality decision-making.

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Facilitating and conditional factors in intercultural projects

This paper reflects how media and its applications has facilitated the creative processes in Teacher 2020. While procedures and languages that use such applications can facilitate in-depth discussion or a simple exchange of information, the relation between users and media can also be an important factor in limiting participation. The paper concludes that collaboration through ICT is a complex affair, and that a lot of factors has to be considered. The article was a contribution to D4Learning Conference in November 2015.

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