Project meeting in Oradea

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From October 14 to 16, 2015 in Oradea was held the meeting of “Teacher 2020 – On the Road to Entrepreneurial fluency in teacher education” project participants from 9 organizations. The event was attended by 29 participants (18 foreign and 11 in the country) , in the 6 participating countries : Spain , Italy , UK , Denmark , Czech Republic and Romania .
The issues put on the table in the meeting in Oradea focused on intellectual results of the project, the stage reached and also held discussions for the next steps of activities .
Among the important results of the project can include: achieving website will be more dynamic in which each member participant will post abstract entrepreneurial initiatives ; crystallized methods of internal communication and dissemination , creating a working group for this; there were discussions about entrepreneurship education, ideas were shared.
The discussions in small working groups focused on specific issues were and then the findings have been communicated to all those present at the meeting .
Financial activities and economic issues have been clarified and will be introduced in the next financial report.
Finally, it was agreed that the next meeting of the participants in this project to take place in February 2016 in Glasgow.

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