Education fulfills an important role related to the disseminating of the society’s values-structured assembly. It proposes itself, especially in the periods of crises as regards the socio-cultural values of the society, a system of values.

We propose the model of entrepreneurial education as a whirling process, with the following levels (stages):


The process of entrepreneurial education starts from a good knowledge of the social life problems and the community in which the individuals activate. This is the first stage.

Following the development of an image concerning the individual and social training needs, the process of developing the entrepreneurial personality begins. This should be the answer the school might offer to the challenges presented by the social environment.

The entrepreneurial personality leads to identifying the opportunities for change, as regards individuals’ internalization of society’s values and challenges. The internalization of these realities is manifested under the form of entrepreneurship.

Due to identifying the opportunities for action and innovation a new form of organizing (from an economic, social, school perspective) the resources necessary to their capitalization is created. The result of this type of education is materialized at a social level under the seven hypostases of the entrepreneur.

The next step would lead to involving the successful entrepreneurs in implementing the entrepreneurial programs offered to school and community. From an educational perspective, we are interested in the entrepreneur seen as an exclusive product of an educational system, not in the type of the entrepreneur who is created due to other configuration of factors.

The cycle of entrepreneurial education ends in the moment in which the entrepreneurs, who are created due to the process of educational entrepreneurship return to the educational system and get involve in realizing the entrepreneurship education. This is the final aim pursued by any program of entrepreneurial education.

Emanuel Soare – University of Pitesti

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