The European Union gives a definition based on the ability to devise and activate projects:

Entrepreneurship in Education is about inspiring entrepreneurial potential. People need the mind-set, skills and knowledge to generate creative ideas, and the entrepreneurial initiative to turn those ideas into action.

(European Commission:

Our team promotes entrepreneurial education as an active and participative perspective (or methodology), in which students have a high degree of empowerment in their learning processes, they work out and learn from real community challenges, so that this way they may be able to build a new more sustainable and equitable society:

Entrepreneurial education seeks to support students to develop their capacity to do new, creative, innovative things that have value for themselves and the wider community in response to opportunities or needs.

(Teacher 2020 team, About Entrepreneurial Education, on press)

Actually, it is a dynamic concept that has many different definitions and perspectives; all of them have the aim to innovate in education and to give students an active role in their education.

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