Meeting in Glasgow

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The 25th and 26th February 2016 we will celebrate the next meeting of the Teacher 2020 project. It will be held in Glasgow and it will be organised by the School of Education of the University of Glasgow. In this meeting we will keep on working in the differents discussing groups about:

  1. Communication and Dissemination: How to spread Entrepreneurial Education all over Europe?
  2. Skills in Entrepreneurial Education: What should we promote in students building to foster entrepreneurial attitude?
  3. Mapping Entrepreneurial Education: What are the roots of Entrepreneurial Education?
  4. Analyzing Initiatives: How to assess entrepreneurial iniciatives in order to improve them?

and having all these issues into acount….

5. Definition of Entrepreneurial Education: What Entrepreneurial Education should be?

Also, during the meeting, we’ll analize new vias of partners collaboration for the future.

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